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Are you due for a colonoscopy?
Watch this short video that looks at the lighter side of this life-saving procedure. (Select the box in the lower right corner to view in full screen.)

Better eating for cancer prevention
Making some simple diet and lifestyle changes could greatly reduce your risk of developing cancer. Just remember your A-B-Cs. Read more.

Family history of colon cancer?
If a relative has been diagnosed with a hereditary or familial cancer, you may want to complete a risk assessment or ask your doctor about genetic testing. Read more.
A colonoscopy could save your life
Dale Rosenberg, MD
Regional GI
If you could get a test to prevent cancer from developing, would you say no? Unfortunately, too many Americans are doing just that. Read more.
Colonoscopy prep doesn't have to be that bad
J. David Horwhat, MD
Regional GI
If you're 50 or older, you probably know you should get a colonoscopy. But if you're like many people, you're putting off this life-saving test because of the prep. 9 tips to make prep tolerable. Read more.
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